Friday, October 10, 2008

get your costume on

I love halloween most years. It has been a holiday that kicks ass in the candy department. It has been years of dressing up as a watermelon slice, strawberry shortcake, a witch or any other strange costume I/my mom could come up with.

I have had many strange experiences on halloween. When I was a kid, my brother was about 2 and in a little red devil's costume. How appropriate. I was 6 and dressed as a witch. My mother made a nose for me that had a wart on the end with silly putty (or something similar). We drove to another neighborhood of some friends of my parents and on the way there we were in an accident and I hit the seat in front of me with my fake nose. I was devestated. The nose was smushed......looking back I can chuckle but at the time......not so much.....but I still made out like a bandit with the candy that year.

My first halloween with my then boyfriend/now hubster, we got together and went out with another friend of ours and hit the goodwill and got our costumes. Shortly before halloween there were big headlines made. Princess Di was killed in a car accident, John Denver was killed in a plane crash, and Mike Tyson has just bit off his opponents ear. When we all put our heads together we came up with our pretty disturbing costumes. I thought that Princess Di after the accident would be appropriate. It was Halloween and all! I bet you see where this is going. Yes, hubster decided on John Denver after his accident and our buddy decided that he would go as Mike Tyson (black faced and with an ear around his neck). What a fun time we had. We hit a costume party and rocked it. We had a blast. They had countless jello shots and free flowing beer. Good times.

Another memorable halloween was when we dressed up for a white trash party a friend was throwing. Hubster dressed up a pair of overalls and blacked out a tooth and had a red train hat on. I put my jammies, house shoes and a robe on. I put my hair up in rollers and put more freckles on (not like I needed anymore). Duringthe evening hubster went and left me sitting with some friends to go to the bathroom. When he came back he didn't come back alone. There was this cute little cheerleader that was following him. It happened to be an ex-girlfriend of his. He came and introduced her to me and I ackwardly shook her hand and smiled and then remembered that I had blackened out a tooth.

Halloween is right around the corner.....hmmmm what shall I be?

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