Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 1

I have been searching for something to do, someway to work out that is motivating. I want to look not fat fabulous for my step-daughter's upcoming graduation from High School. This means I have about 2 months to do SOMETHING that get me off my ass and Facebook and get in shape.

My son was in Taekwondo a year or so ago. He quit because it got highly expensive and the place decided to move far away to make it not easy to get to. His friends are taking Taekwondo at the same location as the old place that a new Master came and took over so we decided to check it out.

I stopped by the other day and actually had a very nice long conversation with Master S and talk about excited. I was so excited that I decided that I would put the redheaded kid back in it and join him as well. It is affordable and more family oriented....what not to love.

Today, was my first day. I conquered my fears and went and put a gee on and got out there with younger children that know what to do and I embarrassed myself (note to self: next time wear a shirt underneath your gee so you quit flashing the entire class) but I got out there and did it. I was quite impressed with myself in the fact that I conquered my initial fear of trying.

I have a lot of fears. Too many to count really. To name a few, I am afraid that I am too old to learn new tricks. I am afraid I am going to make that nice little Master regret trying to teach me. Let's face it I am not the Karate Kid. I am not as spry as I used to be when I was younger. I also come with more weight...more than I have ever weighed. I am afraid that I will wear out too soon and embarrass myself in front of the younger people...namely my child. I am afraid I am going to be an embarrassment to my sweet redheaded kid.

I have a lot of excitement too. I am excited that I am going to get fit. I am excited that I have a goal to work too. I am excited that I have a special time to hang with my child and do something productive for BOTH of us. I am excited that my first night went well. I learned my first form. I learned how to bow before I walk in and out. I CAN learn! This is excitement!

So now I just have to get over my fears and move on to Day 2!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break and Star Wars

It is spring break this week and we are chillaxing (as the red-headed kid would say) by watching Star Wars. Okay I won't lie. I have seen Star Wars and really have no desire to sit through 12 hours of Star Wars this week, with that being said, the kid, is having a BLAST!

He has already figured out how to help Luke and Obi Wan defeat the clones by doing something or another before they....well I really was listening I just couldn't concentrate on the whole long scenario he was explaining. It must have gone over my head.

I told him that we should go ahead and contact George Lucas and my kid turns around and says with big eyes "No, Star Wars doesn't need to be remade. You don't remake the good ones."

Mr. Lucas would be proud to hear that, I am sure of it.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Times a there anything good about it?

I am back. For how long, well that isn't determined yet.

Let's jump into it and talk about some really important stuff. Daylight savings time. What a crock of crap these days. I haven't the foggiest of why we continue to use it. If you have a huge suggestion as to why...comment.

So this morning Hubster and I were discussing how badly it sucked to lose an hour and how the little red-head was going to be going to bed when it is light outside....see he goes to bed at 8PM. He needs to go to bed at this time or he is a BEAR in the morning. We have finally found the nighttime routine that works for this is going to suck. We even told the little red-head that. He just doesn't know how bad it sucks yet....soon he just like 7 hours.....ugh.

Hubster made a comment that there was no good thing anymore about DST and so I set out this morning in search of a good thing about it. I have only thought of negatives so why not think positive and find ONE good thing about it.

As I was doing the dishes from a kick ass kid party we had last night....yeah I am bad doing dishes the next day....go ahead and I am doing the dishes I look over at the one clock we haven't changed yet (the microwave) and saw that it said 11:30.....then it dawned on was really....get it....12:30!!!! was time to have a beer and no one could say anything because it was really 12:30 not 11:30 as my microwave wanted me to believe.

One good thing....and I found it. There is no other good thing as of right now that I can think of....but I have my beer.

Well...I am back.

I have a list of things that I am really excited about sharing with you. Just a few things on my list is....Taekwondo and my goal of becoming a black belt, getting ready for my hubster's daughter's HS graduation in May and a lot of fun things in between. Strap in for the ride...I'll try not to be flaky.