Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break and Star Wars

It is spring break this week and we are chillaxing (as the red-headed kid would say) by watching Star Wars. Okay I won't lie. I have seen Star Wars and really have no desire to sit through 12 hours of Star Wars this week, with that being said, the kid, is having a BLAST!

He has already figured out how to help Luke and Obi Wan defeat the clones by doing something or another before they....well I really was listening I just couldn't concentrate on the whole long scenario he was explaining. It must have gone over my head.

I told him that we should go ahead and contact George Lucas and my kid turns around and says with big eyes "No, Star Wars doesn't need to be remade. You don't remake the good ones."

Mr. Lucas would be proud to hear that, I am sure of it.

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