Thursday, January 29, 2009

I am a bit afraid

We have bought a lot of things over the Internet in the last couple of years. It took me a while to even buy the smallest of things on the Internet for the longest because I was skeeeeered. And you know there was this one time I bought something I saw on TV and we ended up with all kinds of weird reoccurring charges that took FOREVER to deal with the bank. And I HATE dealing with the bank. I would rather poke my eyes out.

Tonight I bought something that I didn't think I would ever do.....and no I didn't buy anything kinky over the Internet! I did buy a piece of furniture. I bought this lovely DVD holder. It will hold over 500 DVDs.

I am so excited. I will have a place for all of our overflowing DVDs and Cds.

When I was shopping for the one that I wanted I found it a couple of places online. I found it on Amazon for $99 but the shipping charge for it was $ you have to pay more shipping than the actual item. I found it at this place that is offering free shipping and no tax until February 2nd.

I am stoked.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I can be handy sometimes

Tonight, hubster and I bit the bullet and bought our first television together. Don't get me wrong. We have TVs. We just have never bought one since we have been together. We got our last TV when hubster traded it for a hard drive about 10 years ago. That TV has seen better days. When you turn it on, it takes about 20 minutes to warm up and stretch the screen out. most times people's heads look like the cone heads.

The TV we found wouldn't fit into our old entertainment center. So we had to find a new one. Once we found it, that meant we had to put it together.

Normally, I put stuff like this together. I have a knack for it Hubster has learned to step back and let me do it or I will get all huffy puffy and shit. He would rather put together the electronics (cause I have NO clue) and his RC toys.

I started putting the TV stand together and after just a couple of screws, hubster had to come rescue me. I was all kinds of messing it up.

See how they have the parts below.

When I pulled the back off of it all the small little parts went flying.

I couldn't even open the box correctly.

After a lot of help from the hubster....we finally got it all together and put up.

Next, we need to figure out what to do with all of the VHS tapes that are sitting on the coffee table, and all the DVDs that are overflowing on the shelf.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday's picture

Here is a monarch butterfly that my son rescued from some bigger boys. He brought it to our backyard and let it rest until it could fly away.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Las is worth it?

Anyone been to Las Vegas recently?

We are wanting to go for our 10th Anniversary next month. I already have a sitter for the kiddo....I just need some ideas of where to go and what would be fun to do.

We are definitely wanting to go to see the Blue Man Group. I think that would be a blast too!

So anyone have any ideas?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tom Sawyer

The family and I just got done playing Rockband before the kid had to go to bed. I promise I will post a picture or a video of us playing it.....once I take it. I usually have too much fun playing!

One of the kiddo's favorite songs to play is Tom Sawyer (as well as Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden).

Since I don't have video of him playing it here is a funny video of Rush playing Tom Sawyer on Rockband in the Cobert Report offices.

Did I hear this right?

This was a prayer by Rev. Joseph Lowery for the Inauguration, an 87-year-old civil rights pioneer, "Where black will not be asked to get back. Where brown will stick around. Where the yellow will be mellow. Where the red man can get ahead, man. And where white will embrace what is right."

Why must it be racial? And what does this mean "where white will embrace what is right"? Shouldn't that be everyone? Why does everything always come back to race? It left a bad taste in my mouth.

Am I over-reacting? Do I have a right to be offended? Do you think this was an appropriate speech for the Inauguration?

Monday, January 19, 2009

A dollar a day can go a long way

My red-headed son has been saving his money for quite a while now for a Sony PSP. Have I told you that he is 7 years old? We have been pricing them for quite a while. They are $169 plain jane or $199 for the console, a game, a movie, some weird download program and most importantly a memory stick. Again, have I told you he is 7?

When I was 7 I was worried about what my friend down the street was doing and when we were going to get to spend the night and watch movies. I wasn't thinking about saving money.

The young'n has been getting money weekly for being good at school by his grandpa. For a while he was getting into trouble daily at school for big things like talking when he wasn't supposed to. You know the really bad stuff. So his grandpa came up with the a dollar a day idea. It has worked like a charm. If he gets into trouble he owes his grandpa a dollar and he doesn't get the dollar a day. Other than the dollar a day he has also gotten money for chores and as well as gifts for Christmas and his Birthday.

He has been fixated on the Sony PSP.....we hear regularly how he wants one and when will he have enough money. I have been amazed at his will power. There have been many things that he has seen that he wants but decided against when it meant he would have to buy it with his own money....cause ya' know he really really wants that PSP!

We went Saturday and took a look at one. Yesterday, the kid and hubster counted all of his piggy bank change to add to his stash and this morning we got up and took his change up to the grocery store and had him change it into dollar bills and then went and got him his brand spanking new Sony PSP. He paid for 75% of it....we pitched in the rest. The smile on his face was priceless!

In the car, he looked over at me and said "I came prepared Mom!" and then pulled out his pocket knife to cut open the box.

The kid is in HEAVEN!

When he got home he pulled everything out and inspected it on the couch.

He even posed for a picture with it. He wanted to sleep with it. Silly boy!

(He also did his own hair this morning....gel and all.)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trash 2

Okay I just got an email from my hubster that has my blood boiling. Instead of talking about crappy reality shows, lets talk about our nation and all of these bailouts. Did you hear that one of the newest bailouts going in front of congress is the bailout of AT&T, Comcast and Verizon.

One of President-elect Obama's plans has committed billions of dollars to rebuilding the information infrastructure in the U.S. As this plan has made it's way through congress, the lobbyists are trying to get basically a blank check from the government to do what they want with no strings attached. The above mentioned telecom companies are basically trying to eliminate Net Neutrality. Let's makes sure that these companies won't be able to make this their blank check.

Free Press states "Building better broadband cannot be another corporate bailout. It must be a buildout for better democracy."

Click here to send your thoughts to Congress if you don't agree with this bail out

Thursday Trash Talk

Okay so I have decided I need to do some trash talking today. Since today is Thursday I thought it would be nice to start my Trash Talking Thursdays! I am mostly going to trash the trash TV shows......but if I have something else to talk about I will see fit to add it. So move on if you don't want to hear me go off on some crazy reality shows.....(yes my darling hubs....that means you!)

First off, Momma's Boys........what the hell Ryan Seacrest (the show's creator)? This show is the most ridiculous show I have watched. It is like a train wreck I can't NOT watch. NBC was smoking crack when they thought this show would be a good idea for them. Has anyone seen it? OMG! Seriously Becky..... 32 girls vying for the boys attention while their mother's watch.

I found this on NBC's website: "Momma's Boys" is a new dating series that centers on three possessive yet loving mothers who must help their complacent sons choose the perfect woman - and ultimately poses the question: "Who is really the most important woman in every man's life?"

There is one mother named "Momma B" and she is something else. She is the most racist person that actually let the cameras capture that raw side of her. If I was her family/son/husband I would be more than upset that is how she portrays herself and our family. Seriously, the lady didn't realize that there would be black and Asian women wanting to spend time to get to know her cute little white boy. (I wrote out a lot more but I decided that I don't want to put the time space into this lady and her views.) I will say that her son JoJo actually really liked a woman of color and it tore his mother up.

Rob and his mother, Esther, are Jewish. Esther doesn't want anyone for her little Rob that isn't Jewish. Esther is a direct descendant from holocaust survivors. Did she think there were going to be a ton of Jewish girls? I think there was only one, Lauren. Lauren just isn't doing it for little Robbie.
Michael's mother, Lorraine, is all about this one particular girl named Erica. Erica is a cute brunette girl that has Lorraine wrapped around her little finger. Michael hasn't seemed to interested since he really wants a blonde tramp.....but when he does. OOOHHHH.....Erica hasn't told Michael or Lorraine that she is 2008's Penthouse Pet of the year. HAHA! This is what has me hooked. I could care less about the other contestants but this is funny.

Another one of the women, Amanda, is a medical student. In the first episode they had Dana White with the UFC come and test the girls on their endurance so they had all of the girls working out. Then the guys came out to workout with the women and JoJo got really sick and had to be taken to the hospital. Amanda was there taking his temperature and consoling JoJo. When it came time for eliminations Jojo asked Amanda to go to the Virgin Islands with him and she turned him down because she like Michael better. Then she went back inside to see if she got a text message from Michael. She did.

The boys and their momma's are now in the Virgin Islands with 3 girls per boy. They got to go on dates and then they had to pick who they want to continue. So far, the momma's are NOT happy and we will see what happens next week on the Finale. It looks as if one of the momma's are standing with the girls asking her son to "pick" her instead of the floozies she is standing next too. Should be interesting.

If you are watching this horrible trash as I am, please de-lurk and leave me a comment .... (apparently I am late but it was de-lurking day this week.....let's make a week out of it!) Or just leave me a comment anyway to let me know you are out there.

Until next time....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snowflakes and love

On December 21st, or the Winter Soltice, I got the proposal that I had always dreamed of.....well sort of. I mean it wasn't exactly what I had dreamed of because you don't dream up stuff like this.

We will just say that hubster's first proposal wasn't what either of us had hoped for....although it did get the job done! I over the years have told him that I secretly wished for a proposal that was done right. Well he listened and gave me what I wanted.

We were driving in Grand Lake, Colorado, oohing and ahhing over the scenery. It was our first full day in Colorado and we had just stolen a few minutes for ourselves to run to the store. While we were on the way back hubster stopped the car and asked for me to step out. He walked me over to this beautiful area with snow everywhere. He got down on one knee and told me things that I will keep between him and myself. He also told me that if he had a chance to remarry me all over again that he would. Then he (re)popped the question right behind that sign below. How cool is that?

Instead of a ring, I decided on a new tattoo on my foot. I got a snowflake. I found this website on Wilson A. Bentley the first photographer of snowflakes. I started going through his collections and decided that is what I wanted on my foot. I wanted a replica of a snowflake taken in the 1900's. I started looking and found one that was taken in January of 1900 and decided that was it.

I found a tattoo artist in Gramby, Colorado and called and made an appointment. She met me in the evening on December 23rd and totally made it the most awesome experience. (If anyone is ever in Gramby and wants a tattoo please call Christy at Wild West Tattoo.) Christy and I came up with the exact thing that I wanted. I will say that it was painful. I was amazed though at how well I took the pain. I decided to change the original snowflake up a bit.

For a few years I have wanted a tattoo on my foot. I just hadn't decided what I wanted the rest of my life. The snowflake just hit me that is what I wanted. I wouldn't have chosen it if it hadn't been for all the signs and stuff around me during the time it happened. It will always remind me of our Christmas in Colorado and how much my husband loves me and how much I adore and love him as well.

On Valentine's day this year we celebrate 10 years of marriage.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Tsunami Knife

One of my wonderful memories that I had as a child growing up was when we would drive up to the dam to see my grandparents. My grandfather would always give my dad a pocket knife. Or if they would come to see us he would give my dad a pocket knife. My dad would reciprocate with giving my grandfather a knife that he had. It was like the way they spoke their love to each other without words. My grandfather didn't ever throw out "I love you's". I think that was his way he showed his love. My dad would always beam and get his "new" pocket knife out and show me.

I remember thinking as a child what a neat tradition it would be to see that passed on to my child.

When my red-headed son was five he became interested in pocket knives. I wasn't too keen on him being so young so my hubster and I told him that he could get a pocket knife on his 7th birthday. My child doesn't forget ANYTHING especially if it is a gift for him!

So for almost 2 years when we would be at a store that had pocket knives that he would see we would have to say that whole "not until you are 7 son!" phrase over and over. I swear when he was 5 I didn't think the day would come when he would be 7 and get his own knife. It just didn't occur to me that 7 was just a few days away from 5.

On his birthday he got what he had so been coveting....his knife.

He went around for days telling everyone that he got a "tsunami knife". At first we didn't know what he was saying but then I remembered what we bought him.....

Not a "tsunami knife" but a Swiss Army Knife!

He can file his nails, pick his teeth, get a splinter out and cut his own hair after he stabs a beetle for dinner with his Swiss Army knife.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The story of stuff

If you haven't seen The story of stuff.....please watch. It will do the planet good.

I never would have thunk it!

blog readability test

I thought it would be more like elementary school!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Birthday Goodies!

My birthday is not until Friday.....but I got my very cool present today. This is the best present that I could have asked for! The hubster completely took me by surprise. Look at what he got me..... he got me the flash I have been drooling over for months.
I am one lucky girl about to be 25 for the 8th time!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Zune update

So apparently the Zune issue was a leap year issue and now the Zune is working. I have proof. I have a hubster that is laying in bed as I type this watching all of his million podcasts he has been waiting to see since yesterday.

Thank you MicroSoft. You made our family a little happier today!