Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Trash Talk

Okay so I have decided I need to do some trash talking today. Since today is Thursday I thought it would be nice to start my Trash Talking Thursdays! I am mostly going to trash the trash TV shows......but if I have something else to talk about I will see fit to add it. So move on if you don't want to hear me go off on some crazy reality shows.....(yes my darling hubs....that means you!)

First off, Momma's Boys........what the hell Ryan Seacrest (the show's creator)? This show is the most ridiculous show I have watched. It is like a train wreck I can't NOT watch. NBC was smoking crack when they thought this show would be a good idea for them. Has anyone seen it? OMG! Seriously Becky..... 32 girls vying for the boys attention while their mother's watch.

I found this on NBC's website: "Momma's Boys" is a new dating series that centers on three possessive yet loving mothers who must help their complacent sons choose the perfect woman - and ultimately poses the question: "Who is really the most important woman in every man's life?"

There is one mother named "Momma B" and she is something else. She is the most racist person that actually let the cameras capture that raw side of her. If I was her family/son/husband I would be more than upset that is how she portrays herself and our family. Seriously, the lady didn't realize that there would be black and Asian women wanting to spend time to get to know her cute little white boy. (I wrote out a lot more but I decided that I don't want to put the time space into this lady and her views.) I will say that her son JoJo actually really liked a woman of color and it tore his mother up.

Rob and his mother, Esther, are Jewish. Esther doesn't want anyone for her little Rob that isn't Jewish. Esther is a direct descendant from holocaust survivors. Did she think there were going to be a ton of Jewish girls? I think there was only one, Lauren. Lauren just isn't doing it for little Robbie.
Michael's mother, Lorraine, is all about this one particular girl named Erica. Erica is a cute brunette girl that has Lorraine wrapped around her little finger. Michael hasn't seemed to interested since he really wants a blonde tramp.....but when he does. OOOHHHH.....Erica hasn't told Michael or Lorraine that she is 2008's Penthouse Pet of the year. HAHA! This is what has me hooked. I could care less about the other contestants but this is funny.

Another one of the women, Amanda, is a medical student. In the first episode they had Dana White with the UFC come and test the girls on their endurance so they had all of the girls working out. Then the guys came out to workout with the women and JoJo got really sick and had to be taken to the hospital. Amanda was there taking his temperature and consoling JoJo. When it came time for eliminations Jojo asked Amanda to go to the Virgin Islands with him and she turned him down because she like Michael better. Then she went back inside to see if she got a text message from Michael. She did.

The boys and their momma's are now in the Virgin Islands with 3 girls per boy. They got to go on dates and then they had to pick who they want to continue. So far, the momma's are NOT happy and we will see what happens next week on the Finale. It looks as if one of the momma's are standing with the girls asking her son to "pick" her instead of the floozies she is standing next too. Should be interesting.

If you are watching this horrible trash as I am, please de-lurk and leave me a comment .... (apparently I am late but it was de-lurking day this week.....let's make a week out of it!) Or just leave me a comment anyway to let me know you are out there.

Until next time....


leslie said...

lol, i did not watch this show, BUT i did see it for about five seconds as i was channel surfing. i'm glad i kept moving!

J Phoenix said...

I fricking LUHHH-UUUVVV this show! It totally cracks me up one side and down the other. Like you, I have NO IDEA WHY??? I'm intelligent, I know it's edited for drama, and I know someone is getting a whole lotta money to show their ass on "reality" TV.

HA! ;P