Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snowflakes and love

On December 21st, or the Winter Soltice, I got the proposal that I had always dreamed of.....well sort of. I mean it wasn't exactly what I had dreamed of because you don't dream up stuff like this.

We will just say that hubster's first proposal wasn't what either of us had hoped for....although it did get the job done! I over the years have told him that I secretly wished for a proposal that was done right. Well he listened and gave me what I wanted.

We were driving in Grand Lake, Colorado, oohing and ahhing over the scenery. It was our first full day in Colorado and we had just stolen a few minutes for ourselves to run to the store. While we were on the way back hubster stopped the car and asked for me to step out. He walked me over to this beautiful area with snow everywhere. He got down on one knee and told me things that I will keep between him and myself. He also told me that if he had a chance to remarry me all over again that he would. Then he (re)popped the question right behind that sign below. How cool is that?

Instead of a ring, I decided on a new tattoo on my foot. I got a snowflake. I found this website on Wilson A. Bentley the first photographer of snowflakes. I started going through his collections and decided that is what I wanted on my foot. I wanted a replica of a snowflake taken in the 1900's. I started looking and found one that was taken in January of 1900 and decided that was it.

I found a tattoo artist in Gramby, Colorado and called and made an appointment. She met me in the evening on December 23rd and totally made it the most awesome experience. (If anyone is ever in Gramby and wants a tattoo please call Christy at Wild West Tattoo.) Christy and I came up with the exact thing that I wanted. I will say that it was painful. I was amazed though at how well I took the pain. I decided to change the original snowflake up a bit.

For a few years I have wanted a tattoo on my foot. I just hadn't decided what I wanted the rest of my life. The snowflake just hit me that is what I wanted. I wouldn't have chosen it if it hadn't been for all the signs and stuff around me during the time it happened. It will always remind me of our Christmas in Colorado and how much my husband loves me and how much I adore and love him as well.

On Valentine's day this year we celebrate 10 years of marriage.


Lille TinkerBelle said...

Cute =)

J Phoenix said...


And the tatt is nice too!


Wendy said...

Aw, sweet!

leslie said...

that is really cool. i've wanted a snowflake tattoo for awhile, to commemorate the time i spent living in mammoth lakes. yours is really cool, and i love how you found it.