Thursday, January 22, 2009

Las is worth it?

Anyone been to Las Vegas recently?

We are wanting to go for our 10th Anniversary next month. I already have a sitter for the kiddo....I just need some ideas of where to go and what would be fun to do.

We are definitely wanting to go to see the Blue Man Group. I think that would be a blast too!

So anyone have any ideas?


leslie said...

i was just in vegas a couple of weeks ago, and i go kind of a lot because it isn't too far of a drive. i've never done blue man group, but have heard only awesome things - you should do it for sure. if you like buffets, i recommend the spice market buffet at the planet hollywood casino, the bellagio buffet, or the buffet at treasure island (in that order). the burger bar at mandalay bay is good too.

a must-stop, however, is luv it frozen custard. it is the best thing in the universe.

J Phoenix said...

Go the M&M store -- it's cute and Mac would like to see pics of it.

At least walk into the Forum of Caesar's Palace -- the place is HUGE and BEAUTIFUL (most of the hotels are . . .).

Go see a Circ de Solai show(or however the hell you spell it) or the Dracon show (used to be the director/choreographer for Circ de Solai). Get the tickets for one now as the sell out fast. You can check just about any Vegas site for a listing of productions. There was one playing that was a big ass water themed thing . . . Le Revere or something like that. You could "You Tube" Vegas shows???

Set a specific amount to gamble with daily and do not exceed it -- take your winnings HOME with you! =)

Wish I were going!!!


OH -- and don't be nice and take the cards that hawkers will be trying to hand you at every door opening and street corner . . .

Jennifer C. said...

I love Mandalay Bay - beautiful hotel, great rooms, and lots of good restaurants.

I agree with Leslie, the Burger Bar at Mandalay is awesome.

Gambling is cheap at the Hard Rock Hotel - but it isn't on the strip.

I won $800 last time I was in Vegas.