Monday, January 19, 2009

A dollar a day can go a long way

My red-headed son has been saving his money for quite a while now for a Sony PSP. Have I told you that he is 7 years old? We have been pricing them for quite a while. They are $169 plain jane or $199 for the console, a game, a movie, some weird download program and most importantly a memory stick. Again, have I told you he is 7?

When I was 7 I was worried about what my friend down the street was doing and when we were going to get to spend the night and watch movies. I wasn't thinking about saving money.

The young'n has been getting money weekly for being good at school by his grandpa. For a while he was getting into trouble daily at school for big things like talking when he wasn't supposed to. You know the really bad stuff. So his grandpa came up with the a dollar a day idea. It has worked like a charm. If he gets into trouble he owes his grandpa a dollar and he doesn't get the dollar a day. Other than the dollar a day he has also gotten money for chores and as well as gifts for Christmas and his Birthday.

He has been fixated on the Sony PSP.....we hear regularly how he wants one and when will he have enough money. I have been amazed at his will power. There have been many things that he has seen that he wants but decided against when it meant he would have to buy it with his own money....cause ya' know he really really wants that PSP!

We went Saturday and took a look at one. Yesterday, the kid and hubster counted all of his piggy bank change to add to his stash and this morning we got up and took his change up to the grocery store and had him change it into dollar bills and then went and got him his brand spanking new Sony PSP. He paid for 75% of it....we pitched in the rest. The smile on his face was priceless!

In the car, he looked over at me and said "I came prepared Mom!" and then pulled out his pocket knife to cut open the box.

The kid is in HEAVEN!

When he got home he pulled everything out and inspected it on the couch.

He even posed for a picture with it. He wanted to sleep with it. Silly boy!

(He also did his own hair this morning....gel and all.)


J Phoenix said...


Yet another example of fabulous parenting by you and CO.

Leon says "GO MAC GO!!!" too!

Give him hugs and laughs from me and "Jimmie's man!"

leslie said...

lol, that is awesome. i love that you didn't just buy it for him and he had to save up and everything. and his hair looks great!