Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trash 2

Okay I just got an email from my hubster that has my blood boiling. Instead of talking about crappy reality shows, lets talk about our nation and all of these bailouts. Did you hear that one of the newest bailouts going in front of congress is the bailout of AT&T, Comcast and Verizon.

One of President-elect Obama's plans has committed billions of dollars to rebuilding the information infrastructure in the U.S. As this plan has made it's way through congress, the lobbyists are trying to get basically a blank check from the government to do what they want with no strings attached. The above mentioned telecom companies are basically trying to eliminate Net Neutrality. Let's makes sure that these companies won't be able to make this their blank check.

Free Press states "Building better broadband cannot be another corporate bailout. It must be a buildout for better democracy."

Click here to send your thoughts to Congress if you don't agree with this bail out

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leslie said...

i hadn't heard about that yet. on a somewhat related note - i did read this article awhile ago about how all these companies are getting bailouts but charity groups are getting no govt help and they're really struggling since they depend on donations and when people don't have any money, they can't donate it. the article was focusing on places that offer really cheap/free day care for people who can't afford it, but have to work full-time just to get by. it basically said without any money for these charities, a lot of people won't have anywhere to send their kids and will have to stop working full time, which means they will have even less money. so yah that was really long, and i don't really know what my point was, but your blog post just reminded me of that.