Saturday, December 6, 2008

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I am sorry I have neglected you. I just haven't felt up to doing well much of anything lately. Don't get me wrong...I did do things this me and the hubster went to the post office.

Usually someone can go to the post office and get their mail or send off their mail but we actually had a horrible few days dealing with the post office. You know it is one thing for someone to not help you but it is entirely a different thing when someone ANTI-helps you. Hubster gave me the definition for ANTI-helping ~it is past the point of someone helping you they actually work against you.

We ended up going to the post office 3 days in a row due to their incompetence. All we were trying to get was our mail. I know real hard concept for the USPS. On Monday, they let us wait for one and 1/2 hours and told us that they didn't know how to help us and for us to call back the next day. We do as asked and call on Tuesday, they tell us that our mail is there and to please come back and get it. We get to the post office and do exactly as told and they come back to us over an hour later telling us that even if they had the mail they wouldn't give it to us, they were going to return to sender.

Well that about did me in. I think my head spun around on my shoulders a few times. I saw red. I asked for the supervisors name and number. On the way home, I called the number and spoke to the supervisor. She was not friendly at all. She told me that there was nothing she could do.

When we got home I got on the computer and found the name and number of the postmaster for our big metropolitan city. I wrote a long email of complaint to that gentleman. I explained myself and kept out all of the profanity that I sooooo wanted to pepper it with. I had the hubster review it with me as I was in such a frenzy when I wrote it. He helped edit it and then I sent it. Oh that felt good. I just let the USPS have it! I told him exactly what I thought and how it was one thing to help and another to waste my time.

A few hours later, I received a response from the post master. I about fell out of the bed when I read it. He actually responded and said that I would be helped the next day by the supervisor that I had spoken to.

On Wednesday morning, I called back the supervisor and she said she would look and see if they had the mail. She found it and said that she had it on her desk and to come back and call her and she would bring it out to me. I told her I would be there within the hour.

We show back up at the post office and I called her again. She said that she would be right out with the mail. Hubster and I waited patiently.....and we waited and waited. We waited for over 30 minutes.

Finally a guy that worked there was coming out of the blue solid door we had been standing in front of and I asked him to please go and get the supervisor. He said he would. He came back a minute later and told me that she was in a meeting. I told him that I needed him to go get her as I had just talked to her and she was holding my mail. He left and went looking for her. A few minutes later he returned and told me that she was still in the meeting and he couldn't help further. Just at that time another lady came to the window who I know wasn't the supervisor. She asked me what I needed and I told her I needed the supervisor by name and then she proceeded to throw my piece of mail at me.

This was what we dealt with this week. I think that the post office was laughing at us. I pictured them sitting in the back of the warehouse area smoking and laughing at the poor souls who they got to torture. Like I is one thing to not help me but another to ANTI-help me.

It is now Friday night and I am still upset with the post office. Our issue was resolved. We got the mail we needed. But I am still mad as a hornet. I mean come on.....what the hell?!?

Hopefully, next week will be better.

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