Thursday, December 18, 2008

Colorado or bust

So I have been knee deep in preparations for our trip to Colorado for Christmas. I was also asked to help make a DVD of picture for my grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary in the midst of all of my planning and preparing.

This morning I was overcome with panic as I was trying to get the DVD's to copy and also find time to go run all of my errands. I was ready to check myself in the looney bin. I just couldn't see any progress in any of what I had been doing all week. I made 10 DVD's for my Mother and it took 45 minutes for each of the boogers to copy. I had been working on this project all week which included contacting each of my younger cousins to get me update pictures of themselves. The pictures that I had dated back to the first of the 20th century to present.

It was awesome to get to catch up with everyone that I did talk to. I hadn't seen or heard from 5 of my cousins for over 20 years. It was a nice to get updated pictures and reconnect with the little/now big rugrats.

Once I was done with the big family project, I got down to business regarding our trip to Colorado...well after lunch with my Mother, of course.

The family came with and I went grocery shopping as well as we went and got all of our snow gear. After that we hit Target and then headed home. It feels awesome to know that 78% of all of our stuff is ready to go. I just need to finish up and go to a couple of Christmas parties in between.

Next week, we will be on vacation for Christmas in Colorado. I will be very sparse around here....I know you are shocked, right? okay.....whatever. I do promise to try and check in with a picture or 2 while we are gone.

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