Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cleanse yourself

Did you miss me? I have taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging.

Let me get right to the point of this post. Cleansing. Cleansing of the house, of my friend's garage but most importantly my body.

Me and a friend are taking the As Seen On TV Dual-Action Cleanse.

I have actually been very excited about this. I secretly watched the entire infomercial and was a bit creeped out by the rep on the infomercial, Klee Irwin, seen below.

Even though Klee (what a name) creeped me out I read each review I could find. I even read all the negative reviews but still wanted to try it. So I was really excited when me and my friend went to GNC and spoke to a really nice employee and he gave us all the facts about each of their cleanses and he suggested the Dual Action Cleanse as it had Anti-gas and Anti Bloat Digestive Enzyme Blend.

The instructions are to take one of each of the pills once in the morning and once at night. It is supposed to help cleanse your colon. It is supposed to last 15 - 45 days depending on how much you need.

I won't gross you out and tell you about what happens when I go to the restroom but I will say that after the first day I was awoken out of a dead sleep with the urge to go to the restroom. It was not a pleasant feeling. I used the restroom 8 times within 5 hours. If the medicine is supposed to last 15 - 45 day, I am scared. I don't think I will be taking more than one pill in the morning and one at night....heck I might break down and just take one a day.

I swear my colon is already clean and Klee is just blowing smoke.

But because I spent money on this, I am going to get my money out of it. Let's see how long I can last.

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leslie said...

welcome back!

wow, sounds intense. i wonder what people do if they have jobs where they can't just use the restroom whenever they need to - like teachers. good luck!