Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hazzard County

Can you stand one more flashback television talk?

We got the red-headed son the First Season of The Dukes of Hazzard for Christmas last year. He ATE it up! I mean how can you not get a little excited about a nice Dodge Charger getting jumped in each episode and running from the "law". There's Bo, Luke, Jessi and even Daisy Duke. Then you got Boss Hogg in his white suit and sheriff Roscoe P Coltrain. Roscoe has some killer lines and is always chasing the Duke boys. Then you got the mechanic....Cooter. Seriously... just the good ole' boys!

So for the end of the school year treat for the kiddo I ordered Season 2 & 3 (pictured below) for a killer price.

I think he really likes Daisy..... come on that is where they got the name for little short shorts!

I wonder if we will ever find out why they are really running from the law? I don't think it is ever said is it? It has been years since I had sat down and watched a full episode. I wonder if it will be even cheesier the second time around?

Now on to finishing up our summer plans.

What plans you got going on?

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J Phoenix said...

They're "moonshiners" honey . . . that's why they run from the law. LOL!!!