Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Old Fashion Television

Lately, we have been bombarded with crap television when the red-headed child has the remote. He is 7, so his favorite shows right now are mind-numbing crap.

The other day the hubster and I were talking about shows that we used to love as kids and how we wished that they were still showing.....well guess what.....they are! Hubster went and started recording The Brady Bunch this weekend for the red-headed child to see (and us too!).

I mentioned to the hubs that I was afraid that the red-headed child would want a big family and have a bunch of brothers and sisters (or at least one that lives with him) from watching the show. Since that isn't going to happen I wanted to make sure that this wasn't a concern for him and sent hubster to talk to him (ya know father to son). He had been asking for a brother or sister not so long ago.....

I mean, who wouldn't want a big family as a child that doesn't have another brother or sister living in the house with him? I think I would as an "only" child. Just think of all the stuff you could do and blame on your siblings.....

Of course not, not my child, he isn't concerned about having another brother or sister......no, not him. My child wanted to know how he could get an "Alice" and how much would she cost!?!

I guess I should be pleased that he doesn't think that I am his "Alice". His wife on the other hand.....watch out!

Next up is Gilligan's Island.....

I can't wait to introduce this to the kid this summer. I believe there will be lots of laughs and I can't wait to hear him ask the first time why everyone else that comes on the island is able to leave but not Gilligan and his friends.

I can't wait to hear him learn the catchy intros to the shows......ahhh good times!

What old shows are you fond of and want to watch again?


Vinegar Martini said...

Smart kid - wanting Alice not the siblings! LOL

J Phoenix said...

Bewitched. Star Trek -- the original series. Yea! The old Batman and Robin with the "POW!" and "BAM!" How about I Dream of Jeannie? The Rifleman.

I want an "Alice" too -- tell the child to let me know when he finds where they keep them. =)

leslie said...

oh man, there are countless awesome old shows you can introduce him to! how fun. and that is awesome that he wants an alice!