Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I got your definition....

Flabbergasted -–verb (used with object) to overcome with surprise and bewilderment; astound.

I have said this word at least 15 times in the last few days. Sometimes about personal stuff, sometimes family stuff, and then the blowup today fit the definition perfectly. Let me tell you what happened. It is a doozy.

What: An altercation and it wasn't like this kind of fighting....

When: 1PM

I had always heard about fights at Cheesy-chucks back in the good ole days when they served beer. I have never seen one any other time I have been there until today and of all things, I was involved.

How: I was sitting at my table and watching my son go from game to game playing. He found a helicopter game that was empty and he hopped in it and put his coin in the slot. So I turned my head back around to my plate and next thing I know my son is standing next to me crying telling me that a lady pulled him out of the helicopter game. He said he had put money in the game and she came over and told him to get out and pulled him out because her granddaughter was going to play it.

My inner momma bear came out full force. How dare someone pull my child out of a game for no reason especially if he put money in said game. I grabbed my son's hand and told him to show me EXACTLY who pulled him out of the game. We walked around the tables over to the game and encountered the grandmother who assaulted my son. My child was crying at this point when we walked up and (I call her the g-ma) G-Ma said "you don't need to be crying boy".

I turned around and said "Excuse me?" And then calmly explained how my child said that she pulled him out of the game and if that was the case, she should know that she should keep her hands off of my child.

She stated she did not touch my child but did tell him to get out. I explained to her that my son had put money in the machine. Then all hell broke loose.

The G-ma's daughter swooped in out of no where and whipped her sun glasses off and started waving them in my face. I politely asked her to please get her glasses out of my face and to calm down.

"Bitch, I will do whatever I want with my sunglasses!" she screamed.

I stayed pretty damn calm the entire time. She on the other hand was irate and per the G-ma a "hot-head". When I asked that she lower her voice and calm down her voice would get louder. Security was called over and a little girl who worked at the establishment came and asked if there was anything she could do as I asked her to please calm this lady down as I turned to ask my child and my friend's child to go sit down that we would be right back over there in a minute.

My friend grabbed my purse and ran to my aid when she saw what was going down and started talking to the G-ma as the daughter was screaming at me.

I turned back to the irate daughter who was yelling at the worker/security that I had called her rude in which I responded that I had not told her that but that was exactly how she was acting and especially in front of her children. Well that set her off again.....

My friend and I made eye contact and walked away from the situation and attended to our children. The psycho daughter continued on screaming at the security for a couple of minutes after we even left the situation.

It was embarrassing as I noticed that the whole eating area was focused in on exactly what was going down and I was in the middle of it. It wasn't what we asked for at all.

My first thought is I wonder what her poor children have to witness at home if she is this vile and abusive out in the public to the public. Most people have a face for home and vice versus for the public.

WOW.....I am still flabbergasted. Is this what the world is coming to? Stupid, uneducated, hotheads all over raising the next generation?

My son was promptly walked back to the game and allowed to play without fear of some crazy women.


leslie said...

that is so so crazy!

J Phoenix said...

Whoa! Yes, this is what the world is coming to. "Respect" is just a word in a dictionary which no one really knows the definition of and certainly cannot be expected to actually practice and teach to their children. Your story began with G-Ma committing the first act of disrespect, then the daughter jumped in and cornered the market on it. It's clear the granddaughter is well on her way to not knowing "Respect" because all of this was started and continued on her behalf because she wanted to play a game that another child (unfortunately it happened to be your son) was OBVIOUSLY already enjoying. Great lessons there G-Ma and Mom!

"Tolerance" and "Patience" are long gone practices as well. It's just going to get worse . . . bubble burst. Sorry.