Saturday, June 6, 2009

the mohawk, a shiner and crappy insurance

We gave the red-headed child a Mohawk for the summer. It is long right now because I can't wait to get him to sit still long enough for him to have it molded above his head. (pictures promised!)

The very next day after he got his 'hawk, he got slammed in the eye by the universe (actually a kid's accident) and tore his EYELID totally OPEN. There was OPEN FLESH, people!

Once I saw his open flesh, I freaked out just a bit and relied on another mother (Thank GOD she is First Aid trained) and I let her take care of the initial care as getting him the ice pack and applying it and had the kid totally calm.

I calmly got his father on the phone as we were at a neighbors house when this occurred and calmly told hubster that we were semi okay but to "get his butt in the truck and come and pick the both of us up immediately and get your wallet, cause we are going to the Urgent Care."

He got there before I was even able to get the child out the door of the house. My new found mama friends got my baby in the truck and we were able to get on the road immediately. On the way to the urgent care we got into a bit of a traffic jam. While I was calling the insurance company my child exclaimed "At least it wasn't my nuts!". Priceless.

Once we got to the dreaded Urgent Care, the child was more worried about the toys he was going to get to play with instead of how his eye hurt. Because we have crappy insurance, it would have cost us over $200 to have him seen. Hubster and I re-evaluated his eye with the nurse and we all agreed that his eyelid had already sealed itself and that we should just do what they would do and clean it and dress it.

Instead of $ cost me only $18 at Walgreen's and $30 at Gamestop this morning for the little man. He deserved a game after all of that. What can I say....I am just glad that he still has his eye. I was pretty scared at first at how it looked. Now it is just a little bruised and he thinks it is cool to have a Mohawk AND a shiner!


leslie said...

wow, he looks like a total tough guy! nice look.

i can't believe he torn his eyelid open, that sounds horrible. i would be bed ridden for weeks!

Wendy said...

Yikes! Well, at least he has his priorities straight (I guess)!