Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gotta find the humor

All of my life my father and I have had a close relationship. There are many special memories that I have of just him and I whether it be us going for a ride up to the store to get peanuts and coke or of him and I shopping for clothes. He has always been one of my best friends and confidant.

Today I got to have lunch with him. We were able to just sit and talk and enjoy each other's company. We haven't gotten to do that in a while as both of our lives have been hectic. So it was really nice to have a moment that we could both reconnect.

He has his tests on Monday to find out where the cancer is located. If it is localized he will have radiation and it should eradicate the cancer. That would be the best case scenario. If it isn't in one spot and if it has traveled around his body he will have to do a hormone therapy. Both scenarios are better than having no hope at all.

Years ago when the cancer first came I was told that we would only have up to 6 months with my father. So we thought the worst when we heard it was back. Now the doctor says that my dad will die someday....just not of cancer. I feel as if I can breath again. I know he does too.

This is an uphill battle that he is just starting again. It will take a while but my father will overcome the cancer that is in his body. There is a big difference this time than the last with his cancer.....this time there is hope.

About 9 years ago I had gone to a "fun" party that one of my friends hosted. It was an adult toy party. I had picked up some flourescent glow in the dark body paint. mmmmmmmkay...I just got it as I felt I needed to buy something at said party. As a joke, I gave the green glow in the dark paint to my father when he was going through radiation the first time. He thought it would be a real hoot to paint himself with the green paint and surprise my mother. He put the paint under the light and then applied himself and after my mother was in bed he turned out the lights and proceeded to get in bed. He said my mother freaked out. He said he hadn't laughed as hard in a while. Now I am sure my mother was horrified at first but I know she enjoyed the laugh after she was let in on the joke. This is how we deal with tough stuff in our lives. Humor. I swear it is the best medicine ever.

So we shall handle this battle of cancer the same way we have battled the beast with my mother and father, we shall find the humor in it all. Big or small, we will laugh even when it hurts to laugh.

I wonder if I have any of that paint left. Or would it still be good after this many years?

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leslie said...

that is SO funny. that is a truly good prank, your dad should be very proud!