Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring break ramblings....

So the red-headed son is on spring break this week. Yesterday, we went to the museum with a couple of his friends. We learned a lot. I love the museum. There is something for everyone there.

We went to the planetarium and found out about Mars and our invasion of it. Then we went to learn all about Sharks in 3D at the IMAX. It was freaking awesome. The kids were so adorable reaching out at the school of fish swimming around us. I won't spoil anything but I will tell you that it is narrated by a sea turtle. ;)

We toured the museum and saw all the prehistoric bones as well as great displays of the animals located here in Texas. (Fun fact: Did you know that there are small black bears found in West Texas.) The red-headed son wanted to go and see the gems section. We were mesmerized by all of the colors and different types of gems. The kid found his "first" stone as he calls it (birth stone for the layman) and proudly exclaimed it to the entire museum.

We finished up the day by hitting the butterfly exhibit. We absolutely love this place. You can walk through and learn all about butterflies, crickets, giant horned beetles, bizarre walking sticks, tarantulas, mantids, and cuddly cockroaches (you know all the really fun stuff!). After all the fun learning you can take a walk through a wonderful lush rain forest where the butterflies live their short life. More often than not, one will always land on you while you are there. There are small, medium and large ones.

This morning I asked the child what he wanted to do for the day. I gave him a couple of options like ice skating or maybe a movie and lunch. He thought it over and said he had a better idea. He wanted to stay in his pajamas all day and play Rockband. That sounded just fine with me. So that is exactly what happened.

Tonight, before I put the child down with a movie, he came to me and said the following:

RHC - "Mom, I sure did have fun today. You really take good care of me.

Me - "Well thanks kiddo. I love you!"

RHC - ".....yeah, I haven't been taken, or killed, or died!"

All I can say is Thank God!

The rest of the week he is going to be spending time with family away from us. This will be the hardest couple of days.

After seven years, I have gotten pretty used to having this red-headed child around!

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J Phoenix said...

As always, Mr. Mac Attack is a real charmer! I'm glad he hasn't been "taken," "killed," or "died" too! Good mommy!!!

I'm way stuck on "tarantulas" amd "fun" being in the same sentence . . . ewwwwwe!