Friday, February 13, 2009

Anniversary Gifts

So the hubster and I hit 10 year of being married tomorrow. Let me express how much I love this man! He can make me laugh like no other and totally is just a totally wonderful husband and father. He is a very unique gift giver as well.

We have already exchanged gifts. I just have to share one of the gifts that I received. It is too good not to share.

Hubster made me play the guessing game.

H: Guess what it is.

Me: (completely joking) Ummmmm a new ass? (I have the flattest one in Texas....I swear!)

H: Are you serious? The first guess?

Here is what I got.....

I got a new bigger improved butt!!!!

He told me that he had to add something else to get better shipping on my real gift. He came across "the ass" and thought what better gift to get a girl that has no backside.

I got him sorta what he asked for. I got him a little something extra too.....a ear, nose and brow trimmer!

He is going to have no nose hairs and I will have a bigger butt!

I tried it on last night and started shaking my new ass and singing "Baby Got Back".

I should not take up singing for a career!


leslie said...

that is awesome.

J Phoenix said...

ROTFLMAO!!! (You can come by and get some of it when I'm done laughing it off -- have you seen that stupid commercial: OMG!!!)