Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cool car?

So this weekend is my 10 year anniversary of being married to one of the greatest men alive!

We were going to go to Vegas, but as most things I talked myself out of the trip. The decision was made to stay more local (as in Texas) and do something in rent a car for a road trip and head out to a nice already booked hotel with some fancy champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.

So yesterday, we booked a reservation for a "cool car" on one of the big major car rental places websites. Let's just say that if you were going to look this place would start at the front of the yellow pages.
The "cool car" was shown as a Corvette or something comparable like a H3 Hummer, Cadillac CTS or an Infiniti SUV.

We picked the choice of "cool car" and went through the entire reservation process. We were all excited thinking we were going to get a "cool car". Hubster got the confirmation email and immediately grabbed the phone to call said rental car place to verify the "cool car" status. The only reason he thought it would be better to ask now instead of when we picked it up was because on the email confirmation there wasn't a picture of a "cool car". It was a picture of a Cargo Van....

The conversation that ensued had me rolling on the ground laughing hysterically. I could only hear my hubster's side of it all....but still.

H: "No sir, I do not think that a Cargo van is a "cool car"."

H: "Sir, do you think that a cargo van is a "cool car"?"

H: "Can you please just cancel our reservation?"

I mean....I guess we could have a blast in it. Our own little party van driving around in the hill country for the weekend. We could stop anytime we wanted and party.

Don't come a knockin' if the van is rockin'!


leslie said...

that is SO funny! good thing you called - but it would've made an awesome 10th anniversary story too. lol, i seriously can't believe they put a cargo van in the cool car category!

J Phoenix said...

LOL!!! Cargo Vans are now "cool cars" . . . too damn funny especially considering you guys have a WAY COOLER CAR in the garage! If the Miata's were legal, I'd let you guys borrow one -- convertibles are "cool cars" regardless of what make or model . . .