Friday, February 27, 2009

unwanted drama

There is a lot going on in this little monkey's world. Total drama, duuuuuuude. OMG!

Sorry for not posting. I am going to make a huge effort to change my posting habits and post daily.

Just in the last hour I have found out that my dad's cancer is officially back. Now they just have to pinpoint the exact location of it and then they will treat it aggressively. Good news is that they have not given him a death sentence as they did in the beginning last time.

The doctor that he is seeing has also seen other men my father's age that were in Vietnam (as was my dad) that have the same kind of cancer. It is proven that prostate cancer is one of the affects of Agent Orange that they were exposed to in Vietnam. This is a good thing for my father. It will help him with the medical bills in the long run.

Next, my brother is having a rough time. It pains me to think of him hurting. His marriage may be crumbling and his whole world is turning upside down right now. He is thinking of joining the Army. I am not ready for him to join the Army. None of us are.

Wow....I think I will sleep on all of this.

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leslie said...

i'm so sorry. i never knew that about agent orange, that is really horrible. i know it is a terrible feeling to know your loved ones are having a tough time, and knowing there is nothing you can do to make it better. hopefully everything will work out for the best, and know your readers are thinking good thoughts for you and your family.