Thursday, April 2, 2009

Elation and Disappointment

I got my shoes today. The box was immediately ripped open and the shoes were slipped on my feet where they belong. I didn't get a picture of them on my feet yet but I will soon. Too cute with my tattoo as well.

After I got home from getting the kid of the bus, I sat out back and took my shoes off to inspect them in great detail. One thing that I was very upset about was the label in the shoe that states the sizes there was a stamp on it that read MADE IN CHINA.

WTF? China? Really? Beyotch Puleeeze!

The company touts being eco-friendly and how each shoe is completely recycled down to the sole of the shoe which is tire rubber that was on the way to the landfill. The company is also in California. The concept was made in the USA. I guess I was expecting too much.

I fell in love with my shoes because I thought they were made in the USA. Not one place on the website nor the box it comes in states anything about China....except the damn label in the shoe.

I am still loving the shoes, just not as much as I was before seeing the label. I am disappointed. :(


leslie said...

aw, that is lame! you should email them and say that you love how they are eco-friendly and all that, but you don't like that they get their shoes from china - and they should at least tell people that. maybe if they told people they were made in china they'd have to reduce the price?

J Phoenix said...