Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fool's Day

This morning, my child asked for me to go get him some Fruit Loops for breakfast. Normally, I would have told him to go get his cereal himself but he batted those beautiful long eyelashes and begged.

So I went in the kitchen and straight to the pantry to get my beloved little man his breakfast all whilst in the dark. I grabbed the big box of Fruit Loops and away to the cabinet I went and grabbed a bowl and started pouring.

To my surprise, when I looked down in the bowl, I didn't see Fruit Loops instead there were Corn Pops. I went and immediately turned on the light and found my little guy standing in the doorway of the kitchen in hysterics. "April Fool's mama!", he exclaimed.

He had apparently gotten up early, early (like waaaaaaayyyyyy before his mama) this morning and went and changed out the cereals. He had apparently come in our bedroom and told his daddy about it at around 5AM or so. I sleep through most everything so I didn't hear anything about it.

I am super proud of him. He got me. He got me and I didn't see it coming. I am not easy to pull one over on.

He has been wanting to play practical jokes on April Fool's day for a couple of weeks now. He was wishing his sister would be in town today so he could play pranks on her. He has been plotting and planning and he got me.

Super proud of him. NOW it is MY turn (insert evil laugh)! It has been a few years since I pulled a good April Fool's joke. Hopefully, I can come up with something before school is out.

Any ideas would be appreciated!


elventryst said...

This isn't so great, but if he sleeps under the sheets, you can always do the fold the sheet in half thing so when he goes to get in, he can only halfway get in bed. But then, if his bed isn't usually made and you make it today, it'll be pretty obvious.

leslie said...

that's a good one!

i once put red kool aid powder on my hands, with a little water to make it liquidy (so it would run down my arms) but still really red, and then told my mom that i cut my hands. kind of on the disturbing side, but since i came clean immediately after, it was just funny. that one would have to be more for your husband than your child...that could scar him.

check out, there are some tricky "cupcakes" on there.