Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday's pictures and Easter

On the camping trip this weekend this little guy found his way to us. He was saved from the camping fire. He became a fellow camper's friend the rest of the trip (well at least until we left).

This kid became friends with my red-headed son all weekend long.

He kept asking me to take his picture so that the RHS could remember him.

Hunter....we will never forget you. You are one of a kind.


preTzel said...

Your son is handsome. I can't wait until it warms and we can begin our camping. In Iowa that won't be for another 8 weeks or so.

leslie said...

lol. i remember having some good times with kids my brothers and i met while mom didn't take any pictures though, so the names and faces are all forgotten!

Vinegar Martini said...

OK - I'm not a bug person - or a campy person - but that little 'campers friend' was cute. Oh - the boys are too! LOL