Thursday, November 20, 2008

Aaaaaackkkkk! I feel yucky!

Tonight, I ran up to our closest grocery store to get snacks for red-headed son's first grade class tomorrow. As I got to the store I pulled up into a great spot near the door. I went inside and did my shopping of figuring out what kind of snack to get. After 10 minutes of going back and forth on what I should get (so that all the kids love him and not make fun of him which really isn't the point of anything anyway) I checked out.

When I was walking out the door, a young lady was carrying a very newborn baby in her arms and she was trying to keep hold of the baby and drag the cart filled with stuff out to her vehicle. I remembered how awkward it was to learn how to take your child anywhere when my son was small so I offered to push her cart to the car. She accepted and thanked me.

I would have been fine if it had stopped there. The young lady turned to me and said "look at all this stuff that WIC gave me. It is too much stuff!" as we walked up to her newer least way newer than mine. Here was someone that was COMPLAINING of what was given to her and with the help of MY tax paying dollars. I have no clue if that car was hers or not. Nor do I know where she lives or what kind of lifestyle she has other than what she was portraying. It just rubbed me the wrong way.

I am not upset that I helped her. I was just taken aback that someone would tell a complete stranger that they got too much stuff from WIC. I do hope that she uses all of the food that she got tonight for herself and her child/ren. I hope she is well.

I really hope that I get this icky feeling (for even feeling this way) goes away.

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The Red-Headed Phoenix said...

All I can say is . . .


I will blog about my experience with the same thing one of these days. I understand the "flabbergasted" feeling when someone is so very "smug" and "unappreciative" of the fact that there are people who actually work their asses off and have to "sacrifice" for their families to totally f-ing support others who WILL NOT work. I having no probelem supporting those that legitimately CAN NOT work, however they are truly few and far between. So, again, I say . . . .