Friday, November 7, 2008

tonight's little league game.....

I figured I should complain here than to go to the coach and make it worse for the here goes.

A bit of background, the coach is a mom and she has never coached before. Our children are all boys 7 years or younger. This year is coach pitch where one of the coach's pitch to the kids.

So bullet points here we come.....
  • Out of 9 games we have only won 1.
  • Tonight we lost.....13 - 0.
  • Our pitcher tonight struck almost all of our kids out. The umpire even stopped and commented to him that he should quit striking the kids out.
  • Tonight alone there were only 19 times at bat.
  • Out of those 19 times at bat 13 kids were struck out.
  • There were 4 hits! :)
  • There were 2 outs on base.
  • The other team each got to bat 3 times apiece.
  • Our team only got to bat twice except for one kid and he only got to bat once.

Next year, if my son wants to play again, I won't score keep. It is too hard to watch game after game after game....

I am off to go have some chicken wings and maybe an electric lemonade to forget about it all.

The red-headed son went with the grandparents (my parents) after the game. I am gonna go on a date with my hubster and forget all about the game! :) Hopefully the boy is having to much of a blast to care that they lost 13 - 0.

Hopefully Monday's game won't be like this. This was the most brutal of them all.

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•º• BeeZee •º• said...

geesh...just remember they are there to have fun and thats all it should be about at this young age in their lives.

emma played soccer and i was the over zealous parent. always screaming and yelling at her to get em'.

but then i remembered it is about her having fun and nothing else :)