Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thanksgiving is around the corner

Oh my! I have so much to do for Thanksgiving! We have ALL of our family coming to spend this wonderful holiday with us! (Can you tell I am happy with all of my explanation marks? shhhh don't tell anyone but I am a bit freaked out as well!) My sisters-in-law will be coming in from California, our Grandmother will be coming in from Louisiana, and my step-daughter will be coming in from Idaho as well as the rest of our family from all over Texas. WOW!

Unfortunately, I am not Sally Homemaker. Thank GOODNESS that I will have all my helpers (i.e. our moms and grandmother) around me to help me out and a couple of bottle of wine chilled and ready to go! My husband is doing more than anyone so he is really the one that is cooking for this big shindig. His turkeys are going to kick ass this year! He is frying 2 and smoking 1.

I can't wait!

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