Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fun Times!

So today me and the red-headed child went to a birthday party for one of his friends at Dewberry Farms. There are many cool things about this place. One cool thing is there is nothing electronic. I would call it "organic". They have go-karts but doesn't use gas, they have pedals. There are little wagons all over the place that the kids just loved pulling around. You could also attach them all together like a train.

We got to go on a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch and had the best driver who told us all about the different pumpkins. (Did you know there is a pumpkin called the Long Island Tea?) There was also a corn maze that we all ran through. The kids were laughing and running as fast as they could. It was a blast.

Once we got out of the corn maze we went and walked through the wild flowers. For $2 you could cut and take as many wild flowers as you could fit into a cup that they gave you. I opted to go and feed the goats at the goldend goat bridge....a 20' suspension bridge that the goats would climb for treats. It was the coolest thing I have seen up close and personal (re: goats that is!).

If you are ever near the area I suggest you go with your is an awesome experience for all.

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