Wednesday, November 5, 2008

enough with about some etiquette

So I was going around the Internets today and came across this from the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Charm School. The All American Girls Professional Baseball League was what the movie "A League of Their Own" was about.

Seriously, baseball charm charming.

Here is my favorite of all of the etiquettes:

SPORTSMANSHIP. Sportsmanship on the field and off is definitely aligned with etiquette. There is such a thing as wanting to win and fighting to win with all your heart and this is both commendable and desirable. It is another thing, however, to become known as a "poor loser" who cannot accept the inevitable defeats in good grace. When you play ball, play hard and play for all you are worth. It is understandable, in the heat of excitement and the intense desire to win, that you may occasionally differ with a decision and impulse to protest violently is hard to control. The usually accepted pattern of a sportsman is the one who gives no expression or gesture of either chagrin or satisfaction and this is an admirable pattern. However, it is hard to control emotions completely and it is expected that a player might show dissatisfaction in the face of a bad "break" in the game and equal pleasure with a successful maneuver. Your pleasure may appear as gloating or bragging to your opponents. Win gracefully and modestly and lose gracefully too, if you can. Above all, avoid the showoff attitude in front of your opponents and the public. Be courteous and considerate in the event of unavoidable accidents or contacts on the field. Play the game hard and fair and you will earn the recognition and respect of teammates, opponents and public.

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