Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Puppy nose

I want a dog. Red-headed son wants a dog. Hubster does not want a dog. The boy and I don't necessarily want a puppy we just want a dog that needs a home. I would REALLY like a Boston Terrier.

I even have names picked out for my two dogs that I dream of.....Sir Nestle Tollhousen from this Friends episode and Vera Lynn for Pink Floyd's song "Vera".

One day I came across this little guy on petfinder....

His name is Seymour. That is too perfect of a name to change plus he is an older fella.....I am in love with this little guy! I mean look at his little face.....
Red-headed son wants a Chihuahua. He too has the perfect name for his little doggie, Tuhuahua the Chihuahua. How freaking cute is that?
One day won't have dog allergies and your dad will cave!

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