Saturday, November 1, 2008


My red-headed child who just turned 7 years old in September wanted to be Darth Vader for Halloween. On Wednesday, October 29th, I had yet to get his costume. It wasn't for the lack of thinking about it....that is for sure. I just hadn't gotten to Target (my favorite store ever!) to see if I could find Darth Vader.

I was a bit worried that I had waited way too long as I am known to procrastinate! The night before we had watched Modern Marvels on the History channel which I LOVE! This is a great show. The show was all about Halloween. The origins, how they make the candy and best of all they had a section on the store Spirits.

I don't know if you have been to Spirits, but this place is Halloween Heaven. This company pops into a shopping center for the month of October and is gone at the end of the month. The show talked about how the week before Halloween they make sure that they are as fully stocked as they are on the first day they open the store. This gave me hope!

Wednesday morning I asked my little red-headed child (RHC) if he wanted Darth Vader or would he be happy with Iron Man if the store had it as well (I remembered from the show that they had a display of Iron Man). I needed a backup in case for some odd reason (which would totally be MY luck) they didn't have Darth Vader. He said that would be fine if I found either. He didn't care which one. Yippee for mommy!!!

I got to the store and my went straight to the display. I found the Iron Man costume immediately. I looked all over for Darth Vader, he was no where in sight. As I was walking to the Iron Man area my cell phone started going off. I answered it and ended up talking to a good friend of mine. As we were chatting I looked at the costume and the price. I saw 24.99 and grabbed the size that I saw I needed for the RHC and found the gloves that matched the costume. I finished my conversation and checked out. As I got into my truck I reviewed the receipt. I gasped. Apparently, I had grabbed the wrong costume....not as in the wrong as not Iron Man but wrong as in the price was 44.99. The gloves....6.99. As I started to get out of the truck I looked up at the door and in big block letters read: All Sales Final - No Refunds - No Exchanges.


So when RHC walked in the door from a very hard but good day of first grade I told him to sit on the couch and close his eyes. He did as told and I placed the costume in his arms. He opened his eyes and let out a "cool mom....Iron Man! Can I put it on?" Hubster and I watched as he put the costume on.

As each piece went on, hubsters eyebrows raised....."That is a NICE costume! Where did you get it?" he asked. I had to break down and tell him. At RHC's baseball practice, I told another mom about my mistake. When she saw the picture she commented that the helmet must be made of gold. I think it might be!

As long as RHC wants to wear this costume he can. I don't care if he sleeps in it!

RHC and a good friend of his went Trick or Treating last night with some neighbors. They had a blast! RHC ran most of the night. By the end of the night, he was too hot to wear his helmet or those 6.99 gloves.

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